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              Chongqing Dadong Longteng Automobile & Motorcycle Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock enterprise, established in1993. We are professional in producing the valves of vehicles、motorcycles、general machines and valve spring retainers、valve split collets. Our company covers about 8 acre, has more than 500 sets of various of high precision machining and testing equipment. The producing procedure of valves include integral series of totally enclosed operating from forge modeling→heat treatment→machining of metals→hard alloy of resurfacing welding on both conical surface and rod end→nitrogen treatment on surface→finished products precision machining. The producing procedure of valve spring retainers and valve split collets include integral series of totally enclosed operating from raw material→cold extruding→heat treatment→fine machining→polishing treatment. Now we have our own fund 50 million(no any loan), have 1000 staffs.    

              We keep on striving and innovation. At present, the annual output is 30 million of various inlet and exhaust valves, more than 120 kinds of valves of gasoline machines、general machines, and valve spring retainers、valve split collets, Dadong has become the key enterprise of Chinese valve industry. According to the modem enterprise management system, Dadong practiced the system of general manager responsibility under the leadership of Chairman, has high-tech of exports who enjoy state subsidies and senior management personnels with rich management experience, which endowed the company with great strength of independent search and development.  

              Our products are manufactured under strict observation of the International Standards Authority (ISA) and the Chinese National Standards (GB). In 2006 we got the ISO/TS16949 Quality Certification on the basis of ISO9001 (2000) Quality System Certification which we had gotten in 2001. Dadong continuously passed the detection and evaluation of China Motorcycle Quality Inspection Institute and Chongqing bureau of quality and technology supervision, has become “Star of China” of technology supervision bureau 、entitled “Quality Fixed Point Unit” . Dadong is the main supplier for the vehicle motorcycle group such as BMW、Piaggio、Suzuki、Haojue、Zongshen、Loncin、Lifan for a long time, and exported a dozen of abroad countries as well, the products are trusted and well received by our customers.

              Dadong sticks to the principles of pioneer in science and technology、quality first、customer supreme、respects intellectual property rights, serves every customer sincerely and effectively.

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              Hot Line:Domestic:023-68512501 International:+86-23-89034231Add: No.368 Jinjian Road, Bicheng Street, Bishan District, Chongqing

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